Robert McKee with his Grandson Howard and Howard’s sister

1850 – Present Day

When John Forsythe married into the McKee family, he left behind his career in one great Mourne industry to start in another.  As a stonemason in Bob Linden’s Stoneyard he had a career made for him, but instead went fishing with his new in-laws. This event would start a dynasty of fishermen that would revolutionise fishing in Mourne, more than once.

John’s sons Howard and John would continue in the industry their father had introduced them to. Howard would make an impact on the Kilkeel fleet, introducing the first steel-hulled trawler to Kilkeel. Howard’s Son Peter also found his place in the world at sea as well and continues to fish to this day, with Peter’s sons Neil and Christopher being the latest to pick up the baton that has been passed to them. In today’s competitive marketplace, Neil and Christopher use all of the experience of their Grandfather and Father as well as their own acumen in order to try and earn their living from fishing today.

Although modern equipment and technology make seafaring a simpler task, the commitment and effort the two latest members of the Forsythe family are living proof of the spirit of a fisherman that remains unchanged after all these years.